Grandpa Eugene's traditional recipe
made locally in our artisan kitchen

From fond kitchen memories with family to our boutique storefront— the quality of our historic, classic English toffee has never faltered. This recipe has been in our family since 1940, and now we want to welcome you into the family as well. 

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Our toffee is made locally in an artisan kitchen, in the full tradition of Grandpa Eugene. We curate flavor profiles including variations of dark and white chocolate with decadent accent flavors such as almonds, cherries, lavender buds and more. 


Come experience tradition, family, and delicious toffee with Toffee Traditions. 

Come experience tradition, family, and delicious toffee with toffee traditions. 

Our toffee

Our English toffee

Our classic slow-churned, small batched English toffee is inspired by our historical toffee recipe. We curate flavor profiles such as dark chocolate with pecans and almonds, dark chocolate with dried cherries, and white chocolate with pistachios.

Holiday Flavors

Our holiday flavors include our Dark Chocolate with crushed King Leo's Peppermint for wintertime, and our springtime White Chocolate with Lemon Oil and Lavender buds.

Gift giving made easy

Our toffee is the perfect treat for a family, friend, or even the office holiday party. Give someone the taste of tradition and classic toffee with our gift options.