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“Hands down the best toffee I’ve ever had! The bags are a perfect gift for hostesses, thinking of you or just because. Every time I’ve given it to someone, I am thanked over and over again for the delicious toffee. Do yourself a favor and try it today!”


"I have never liked toffee.  The way it sticks to your teeth, the consistency.  Not my thing.  Reluctantly, I tried Toffee Traditions when offered to me by a friend.  I was blown away!!  It is so delicious, great texture, melts in your mouth.  I tried multiple flavors - loved them all!  I have tried other toffees since then thinking I had become a toffee convert.  Nope, I still don’t like any toffee other that Toffee Traditions."


"Once I was hooked on the toffee, I shared the love and gave it to friends, family and clients.  Nothing but rave reviews from all!  The icing on the cake is Kristen Weisberg, the owner of Toffee Traditions.  She is absolutely delightful and goes above and beyond to help with gift selection and shipment.  I can’t say enough good things about working with her.  Give it a try!  The toffee is incredible!  Kristen is a gem!  This local business is definitely worth our support!"

traditional dark chocolate with toasted pecans and almonds

  • Recommended Shelf Life... if it even makes it to the shelf!

    Keep at room temperature for up to 3 months. For prolonged storage, place in fridge or freezer for up to one year.

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